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SPECIALIZED DEFLECT H20 LONG FINGER GLOVES 2019DEFLECTING THE WATERIt's no fun riding in wet weather if you're not prepared. When you have the right gear on, it can feel like riding any other day. The Specialized Deflect H2O Long Finger Gloves makes riding in the rain bearable. It has a breathable outer layer that is fully waterproof and cuffs that work well with long sleeves. The palms provide a high amount of grip for wet weather dexterity and the fingertips are touchscreen compatible so you can still use your smartphone without removing your gloves.FeaturesReflective details increase your visibility in low-light conditionsWiretap touchscreen compatible so you can use your smartphone without removing your glovesFully waterproof Outdry membrane provides reliable weather protectionSizingSizeSmallMediumLargeExtra LargeXX-LargeMiddle Finger Length (cm)8.1cm8.1 - 8.6cm8.6 - 9.0cm9.0 - 9.4cm9.4+Palm Length (cm)11.1cm11.1 - 11.3cm11.3 - 11.7cm11.7 - 12.1cm12.1cm+Thumb Length (cm)6.4cm6.4 - 6.8cm6.8 - 7.1cm7.1 - 7.4cm7.4cmPalm Circumference (cm)22cm22 - 22.5cm22.5 - 23.5cm23.5 - 24.5cm24.5cm+ | Specialized Deflect H2O LF Gloves 2019 Men's Size Small in Black/Black

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