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Spirit River's machining is unsurpassed and the plating is fantastic. Spirit River is proud to be know as the leader in quality on all their brass products like these cones. Each cone is machined on a screw machine one at a time. All are then tumbled to remove many of the machining marks, then they plate them with a high quality finish. Their process takes longer but you should expect the best when you take your precious time to tie your own flies. These are ideal when streamers, sculpins, and deep running minnow patterns require more weight than Brite Beads provide. *Add a few wraps of lead to the shank and shove it into the cone body to help prevent the cone from wobbling or being off set. Reverse the cone for a pattern that pushes water and creates a disturbance.Features Include:Machined on a screw machineTumbled to remove many of the machining marksHigh quality plated finishAdd extra weight to flies15 to 20 pieces per pack

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